Sunday, May 3, 2015

New updates!

Hello there, fellow Journeyer's!

It's already May already, I know right! Lots of things have actually happened since my last post, was at the seventh annual Out Of This World Festival over where I work(Star Base Columbus), Star Wars Celebration 2 weeks prior, so on and so on! While I was over at the Festival yesterday, I was holding a contest that which the will be a replica prop made exclusively by yours truly. Today I'm proud to announce that the Lucky winner happens to be...... Wayne Souders ( Sorry if spelled your last name wrong Wayne). Your Lightsaber will be coming as quickly as I can build it for you. With all of that jazz I figured I list The two Runner-ups in the contest that which I feel deserve to have their own props made just for the heck of it. The Runner-ups are Jeremy Haden & A lovely little girl by the name Of Karina. Karina will be getting a Vader Lightsaber ( like the one I've already built) And Jeremy will be getting something (as some as I get a hold of Him) hopefully We'll figure it out when it comes down to it! When Wayne's Lightsaber is complete, you two will be the next ones up. I can guarantee that.In the mean time I'll see everyone over at Marcon. May The Force Be With You, Always.    

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